Termite Control Services Ltd. is your termite solution.  Using the advanced termite baiting system, we deliver a complete termite solution in terms of effectiveness, safety and superior value.  What’s more, our complete range of service can solve any termite problems you encounter.

Termite Baiting System
Termite baiting works by luring foraging termites to consume termite baits and to feed other termites in the colony.  This allows termites bait to be transferred throughout the entire colony.  Eventually, the whole colony is eliminated.

Chemical Treatment
Termiticide application is applied to structures, buildings, flats and construction sites for the protection against termite invasions.

Termite Inspection Service
Regular inspection by using Termatrac – the advance termite detecting device provides a peace of mind.  This helps to detect termite invasion in your premises from scratch, minimizing major damages of your properties.