Termites are beneficial insects in nature.  They contribute to the balance of nature by breaking down cellulose in dead wood and in the process return nutrients to soil.  The trouble is, when termites infest your premises, they do substantial damage to your property.  Most termites feed on cellulose from wood and wood by-products such as wooden floorboards, wardrobes, clothes, doorframes, paper products and a variety of other items in your premises.

In Hong Kong, most common type of termite found is coptotermes formosanus.  Termites are primitive insects belonging to the Order Isoptera.  Termites are active and soft-bodied.  They are usually found in large numbers.  They dislike light, preferring warmth, darkness and damp.

A colony of termites is composed of reproductive forms – Queen, King, & Winged reproductive swarmers; together with workers and soldiers.  Most colonies only have one king and queen.  Workers are small wingless and the most numerous.  Workers usually do all the termite damage.  Soldiers have strong jaws but also wingless and sterile.  The soldiers’ job is to defend the colony against all enemies.